6. Vardah Sea Defense Serum adds radiance to dry and dull skin

Price: Rp 38 thousand

This Varda Serum product contains Biosaccharides, a high vitamin C formula. Thanks to its ingredients, this serum will help the skin, maintain its elasticity and protect the skin from the effects of free radicals. The effect, refreshed skin, freed from dullness, and disguised dark spots.

7. Varda Intensive Moisturizing Body Serum, Helps Keep Skin Loose

Price: Rp 20 thousand

Different from the previous six products, Varda serum is made specifically to treat your body skin. The texture of Vardah serum is quite liquid, becomes quickly absorbed into the skin and is not sticky. With 50% more skin nutrients, this body serum can moisturize and provide essential nutrients to the skin.

This body serum contains Macadamia Oil and Apricot Oil which can maintain the elasticity of your skin, prevent premature aging caused by free radicals, while protecting the skin from UV exposure.

8. Verdah Lightening Serum Ampoule for Brightening Skin and Hiding Dark Spots

What are the benefits of Verda Lightning Series Serum? The advantage of Varda Lightening Serum Ampoule Serum is to brighten the face. Vardah Serum contains 10 times more advanced Niacinamide. Very effective for removing dark spots and acne marks and even skin color. In fact, it can protect the skin from blurred effects or blue light from the sun or your gadget screen. The Verdah Lightening Serum Ampoule can make other skin care products that you use more effective. This is because the dose of active ingredients contained in it has been formulated specifically with a focus on better skin problems.

So, which Verda serum would you like to try? If you’re curious, get the product in the following recommendations directly, right!