Give customers the first impression

Imagine you want to eat Angkringan. You then search for the nearest network in your area on Google. Then came Angaringen X as one of these Angringan. so what are you going to implement? Of course you will open the page, check the reviews, and check out the pictures from Angkringen. Why does Angkringan not look lazy? Good transportation, right?

The same will happen with your customers. They will visit your Google business page and check if your business is attractive enough to try. Therefore, it is very important to provide accurate and attractive information when you sign up for Google My Business. So you can reap the benefits in the form of customers who are directly interested in your business.

When listing on Google My Business, try to provide images of your business in multiple rooms, from the outside, from the inside. If you have a cafe or restaurant business, indicate a location on your Google My Business page that sells and looks good to keep customers interested.

Improve SEO

If you have an online business without a physical building, a Google My Business listing is also a good option. Google My Business can improve the SEO of your business. If your business has a web page, then you can use SEO to develop your business.

Google is the largest search engine platform in the world. When your business can get on the first page of the biggest searches in the world, it will definitely be very beneficial for your business. The more people who know your business online, the more likely your product will be accepted by the community.

Add Customer Testimonials

One of the features that works is reviews, where customers can share their stories and experiences with your business. As is known, positive testimonials will inspire other customers to try as well. Be able to get testimonials from many other customers who will help in the development of your business.

It is also a fitting business strategy to attract more customers. Make sure you provide the best service to your customers so that there are no negative reviews on your business pages. If there are too many negative testimonials, other customers may be reluctant to try your business.

The important thing to do before deciding on a Google My Business list is to make sure that you have the right business plan. For example, choose which campaigns can speed up your delivery process. The right campaign will increase customer satisfaction with your business services. You can choose Booksend for maximum service. Booksend is a delivery service that provides a safe and timely guarantee so that customers are not late to receive orders and stay loyal to your business!