5. Increase Your Age and Keep You Strong

The final benefit of running in the morning on this list is about the extra age that you desire. A total of 150 minutes or 30 minutes for five running sports can extend your life. One study says that running can improve lifespan by 4.1 years. Not long, but at least long to be close to loved ones.

Even if you are old, regularly running apigi that you ever do will still be useful, especially if you are still active. According to research, people who still exercise regularly can avoid mental disorders in the evening. In addition, running also helps brain cells to stay healthy so your memory stays in old age.

6. Running in the morning can reduce the risk of death

Medium, just in the morning running around the house premises. However, its incredible efficacy can reduce the risk of death. Researchers in 2014 said that running in the morning can protect you from heart disease. Doing short runs at a speed of only 9.6 km / h in a duration of 5-10 minutes can prevent the disease from landing on your body.

In the study, running for about 5-10 minutes in the morning could reduce heart disease by about 0.42 percent. Meanwhile, running at a speed of 9.6 km / h will further increase risk reduction by 0.8 percent.

7. Morning running can increase body stamina

Some people are too lazy to run in the morning because they think they will be tired after that. It’s not all wrong, really. Fatigue can happen because you do high intensity exercise when your body is not in good condition. Meanwhile, running in the morning will actually increase your body’s stamina and make it even stronger to do high-intensity exercise.

To get results, you just need to run in the morning at a leisurely pace for 20-30 minutes at a normal pace. If you do this regularly, your body will be very accustomed and to run in the morning, it will not feel at all. It is, it is where your stamina has improved.

8. Overcoming Sleep Difficulties

When in a state of stress, anxiety, worry, and even depression, many people have trouble sleeping. In fact, there are many ways to deal with it, including quick ways with medications that should be accompanied by a prescription. However, jogging is a natural way to overcome this problem.

Running in the morning releases endorphins, which makes people calm and happy. This is what will help you deal with emotional turmoil. In addition, along with the energy expended throughout the day and running, your body will tell your body to rest at night. In short, get a good night’s sleep without worrying about it at night.

9. Morning Run Can Rejuvenate Skin

The benefits of exercise including running in the morning will definitely improve blood circulation throughout the body. The whole body means the smallest point under the skin. This blood will carry oxygen to these parts and will definitely prevent premature aging.

Not only that, you who regularly run in the morning will also solve the problem of acne because sweat on the face can help eliminate toxins. In addition, your skin will be exposed to direct sunlight in the morning which contains a lot of vitamin D.

10. Improve Concentration and Confidence

The body is weak and weak because you are not training enough. If you have that, your concentration will drop and consequently need longer to complete the task. Running in the morning can also solve problems and make you more alert in completing all tasks.

The morning running routine will also excite you among co -workers. That way, you can be more ready to give input to them, your boss as well. Yes, it is, I am more confident.

These are some of the benefits of running in the morning, which you can reap if we exercise regularly. Don’t overdo it, don’t go down too much. Enjoy the instant benefits of a morning run for the health of your body. So that you are excited, you can find recommendations for the best running shoes that you can choose from here. I wish you success!