5. Milk Cleanser Variant Cucumber

For those of you who have very oily skin, this Viva Milk Cleanser can be a fitting choice. Cucumber in it is very good for beauty and skin health.

Cucumber also has a soothing and cooling effect, so it’s great for helping to control skin conditions so it doesn’t produce excess oil or sebum and still retains its natural moisture.

6. Minimal College of Lemon

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How to use Viva Milk Cleanser properly

Milk cleaners should be used as the first step in the double cleaning process. Although many people use milk cleansers and tonics and no longer wash their face with soap, that’s not a good thing.

Milk cleansers can actually remove dirt and makeup, but to really clean it down to the pores, you still need to wash your face with soap. This way, dirt will not accumulate in the pores that can cause blackheads, acne.

So, apply Viva Milk Cleanser evenly on the skin of the face to remove makeup and dirt on the face, then clean with a cotton swab until everything is clean.

After that wash your face with face wash so that the remaining dirt, makeup and Viva Milk Cleanser on the skin can be cleaned and removed properly. After washing your face, apply a facial tonic or facial toner to restore lost or change the moisture and pH of the face. After that, you can continue using a range of other skincare products.

How do you know which version of Milk Silencer Vieba is most useful for you?