6. Reseller

In addition to dropshipping, there is another business model that is suitable for young people, namely the reseller. Do you know what a reseller is? Reseller is quite different from dropship. This business model buys products from suppliers and resells them at various prices.

Therefore, a reseller has stock of goods and directly transacts with the buyer.

Like dropship, the types of goods sold by this system also vary. Start with food, makeup, clothes, stationery etc.

7. Property

For those who have a passion for cooking, a pastry business idea is definitely in line with your hobby. You can channel your cooking skills to make money.

Pastry businesses have the advantage of being sustainable. So, don’t panic if you haven’t made a sale in a day.

In addition, establishing pastry products in the market further enhances your business opportunities with buyers from outside the region.

You can do as much promotion as possible by using existing creativity and technological advances.

8. Sports Equipment

A healthy life can be achieved with regular exercise. Examples of sports that can be done are running, football, swimming and so on.

So, to support these healthy activities needed sports equipment. Sports equipment varies depending on the type of activity.

For those who like to play football, you can sell football boots or T -shirts. In addition, other sports equipment such as swimming goggles, rackets or volleyball may also be product options.

The target market of this product is for people who like to do physical activities.

9. Make Up And Skincare

An example of a business start -up for the next young person is a beauty tool in the form of makeup and skin care.

Selling these items will be profitable because most women in Indonesia like to dress. Also, many formal events now use makeup.

Formal events that require makeup, for example, graduation or wedding. At that time the role of makeup will be required. In addition, skin care is a form of self -love. You can use skin care if needed.

10. Frozen food

Want to start a decent business? If so, only sell frozen food. Frozen food is called practical because it includes instant food that is easy enough to prepare. Usually fried or steamed.

Not only this, a variety of delicious frozen food flavors make this dish a favorite.

Examples of frozen foods that can be sold are nuggets, meatballs, sausages or seafood.

You just put it in the fridge. This product is a business opportunity for young people on the internet that is worth trying. Don’t forget to write a description of the product and how to store it so that buyers are not confused.

Marketing Startup Businesses to Youth in the Market

You already know which products are suitable for beginner entrepreneurs. Next, just think about how to sell it.

Children who want to start a business definitely need to think carefully about future business concepts.

You can try business ideas with small capital. You do this by connecting to markets such as Bukalapak. You are just starting a business, minimizing the available capital is definitely a priority.

Join your profitable market because you don’t have to rent a place to sell. You can use a private residence to store stock of products for sale. Therefore, you have saved money on rent.

You don’t even have to worry about buyers. Markets are online places that are often visited by thousands to hundreds of users. All you need to do is promote diligently so that your product can be seen by online buyers.

Marketplace provides a facility where you can monitor business development. Examples of business growth can be seen in how many people visit your stall, the number of people who interact, the number of people who buy, etc.

Knowing professional development will help you make future decisions. You can evaluate the performance that you think is not optimal and fix it.

Make the promotion as engaging as possible and don’t forget to post the original product profile photo so that people don’t hesitate to order from your stall. Show your friendliness when a customer asks about a product. Answer their questions carefully and clearly.

In addition, you need to coordinate with shipping campaigns. Because selling products online, of course, shipping is done by you through campaign services. Choose a reliable shipping service to deliver your customers ’packages.

At Bookalpack, we provide a bookend service, where you can choose from a variety of campaigns to suit your needs. So, you can send your sales for instant, same day as regular method.

Hence the discussion of initial business ideas for young people and why it is a good decision to market the product. Always remember that everything including trading carries risks. Run your business with diligence and diligence.