4) Adoption of data center and cloud computing ecosystem technologies

Seriously in the development of digital economy in Indonesia, the government is committed to creating a support ecosystem, one of which is the adoption of data center ecosystem and cloud computing technologies.

A data center or data center is a facility for providing computer systems, information backups, web sites or databases and related components.

Meanwhile, cloud computing or cloud computing is an information storage technology service over an Internet -based network that can be accessed wirelessly through electronic devices.

In today’s digital age, this technology is very important and useful in data storage and management both for government agencies and companies.

With this technology, security in storing and managing data is guaranteed, more effective and efficient performance, especially provided by cloud computing such as Tencent Cloud, data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and can be configured if needed.

Tencent Cloud itself provides a variety of cloud computing services and solutions for founders/startup owners in Indonesia and provides cloud services to help digitize common and traditional industry services, such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

In addition, the growth of the digital economy will also encourage more data traffic so that data centers in Indonesia have also increased in recent years, including two Tencent cloud Internet data centers in Indonesia.

In the webinar entitled “Capitalizing on Growth Opportunities in Indonesia’s Digital Economy Through Data Center Base “? Recently organized by Tribunews and Tencent Cloud, Tencent Cloud Southeast Asia Regional Director, Kenneth Sio, spoke about Tencent Cloud services that are provided to support the growth of the digital economy in Indonesia.

He explains that Tencent is one of the largest technology companies in the world that started a cloud business from 2010 and has now grown rapidly to become one of the fastest growing cloud companies in the world.

“Therefore, whether you are from the government, banking/finance, education, retail, building, or gaming business sectors, Tencent and Tencent Cloud have the experience to help drive the journey of digital transformation,” explained Kenneth Sio.

On the same occasion, Osman Kansong, Director General of Information and Public Communication Ministry of Communications and Informatics, as one of the speakers, said that there are factors that drive the growth of big data in Indonesia at the macro, medium and micro levels. .

“At the macro level, the growth of big data globally is influenced by two main factors, namely the increasing volume of data generated on a large scale and the growth of electronic computing capacity where cloud computing and IoT are increasingly familiar to the global community., ” he explained. .

Meanwhile, at the intermediate level, the abundance of digital data and the rapidly established Internet penetration in Indonesia also contributed to significant data traffic. And, at the micro level, a lot of big data works in the business sector, both traditional companies and startups.

In addition, Osman also stated that Indonesia has a Digital Transformation Strategic Policy to support the digital ecosystem which includes 4 main pillars, namely; To accelerate infrastructure development, technology development, digital talent development, as well as the implementation and strengthening of international relations.

Meanwhile, of the three emerging industry sectors in Indonesia namely the gaming, video and banking sectors, Tencent Cloud Business Development Lead (Singapore, Indonesia) Brandon Fu indicated that Tencent Cloud services to companies in these three regions can be beneficial. .

In the gaming sector, to produce successful games, Brandon Fu said that a stable infra-platform is very important.

Therefore, Tencent Cloud has a wide range of PaaS and SaaS services especially for games as well as Content Delivery Network (CDN) and internally developed anti-fraud software.

Then, for the video or media sector, Tencent Cloud has introduced the Tencent Online Video Platform (TOVP) as one of the major cloud products where users can access services on different platforms with just one click.

Lastly, for the banking sector, Brandon Fu also pointed out that Tencent Cloud’s main focus is on security aspects, as evidenced by the presence of several security laboratories located in other parts of the world.

This was done by Tencent Cloud in an effort to improve security systems to support the banking and fintech sectors.